New Requirements for Tfl DBS/CRB

29 February 2024

The new requirement has been introduced on 26 February 2024, which included a requirement for all applicants for a taxi or private hire vehicle (PHV) driver's licence to register with, and subscribe to, the DBS Update Service From 26 February 2024, TFL will not grant a taxi or PHV driver's licence (including those seeking to renew an existing licence) unless an applicant has registered for the DBS Update Service. This will apply to all applicants who have applied for a taxi or PHV licence, including those who applied before 26 February 2024 which is yet to be determined.

Once licensed, you must maintain a continuous subscription with the DBS Update Service throughout your licence period, 

TFL has also produced two guidance documents, that explain the requirements and assist applicants and licensees to comply with the requirement: "DBS updated guidance services"  and "DBS Application"

Process The DBS Update Service costs £13 per year and enables anyone who applies for an enhanced criminal record check to keep their criminal record certificate up-to-date and will allow TfL to carry out a status check on the certificate.

Once subscribed, you will only be required to provide a new criminal record check if the DBS tells us that something has changed.

So, unless something has changed, this will save you both time and money, as when you apply to renew your licence you will not have to apply and pay for a new enhanced DBS check.

Once drivers have registered with the DBS Update Service, TFL will then routinely check with the DBS for new information every six months starting from the date their next licence is granted.